There is nothing better than a good dinner with great food or drinking a tea in a cozy café. I love doing these things because it makes me happy. I’m not just surrounded by people, I can also watch them, which is always interesting. Sometimes when the weather is quite good I often go into a café to write my blog posts. I believe it is more inspiring than being at home all by myself. So I decided to write this post about the best restaurants in Munich.

It’s not just for those who love exploring new cafés or want to know some food recommendations, but also for those who need an inspiring place. Because this is what my personal list of the best restaurants in Munich offers: inspiration, great food, and good service.


Best, Restaurants in Munich


My list of the best restaurants in Munich


So it is not a coincidence that I’m sitting in the Cotidiano in Schwabing (a popular neighborhood in Munich) with a cup of tea and my Laptop to write this post. There are currently three Cotidianos in Munich and it is the perfect place to have breakfast or brunch. It is also a great location to meet your friends in the afternoon for coffee. What can you have? The classical breakfast, fresh waffles, porridge, and divine cakes and cupcakes.


Address: Hohenzollernstraße 11, 80801 Munich (U3 – Münchner Freiheit)


Cotidiano, Best restaurants in Munich


Cotidiano, Café


Cotidiano, Fruit Tartes, Cafés, Munich



If you love hot chocolate as much as I do, I can recommend the café Trachtenvogl. They have 21 (!) different variations of hot chocolates (my favorite one is white blueberry) and a large selection of food and drinks. So it will never get boring to try out something new. Plus you can chill in comfortable couches to relax and hang out for hours. I think you will feel like home when you go to Trachtenvogl. Because that’s how I always feel and that’s the reason why it’s on my list of the best restaurants in Munich.


Address: Reichenbachstraße 47, 80469 Munich (U2 – Fraunhoferstraße)


Trachtenvogl, Cakes, Best restaurants in Munich


Trachtenvogl, Lounge



One of my favorite dining spots and a must on my list of the best restaurants in Munich is the diner and bar Cooperativa. You get there extraordinary scalloped dishes which are really special. Why? Because you get something you can’t find anywhere else. Try it out and make your own opinion. But I can tell you, you will love it! By the way, they don’t accept reservations, so make sure to come early.


Address: Jahnstraße 35, 80469 Munich (U2 – Fraunhoferstraße)


Cooperativa, Jahnstraße, Best restaurants in Munich


Cooperativa, Bar


Hoover & Floyd

The café Hoover & Floyd might be small, but it is so cozy. The beautiful atmosphere invites to chill and hang out for hours. And the best thing about it: they have so good cakes that you can’t get enough of it. Ever leaving? Nope!


Address: Ickstattstraße 2, 80469 Munich (U2 – Fraunhoferstraße)


Hoover & Floyd, Best restaurants in Munich


Hoover & Floyed, Bar


Hoover & Floyd, Cozy atmosphere


Fiedler & Fuchs

If you can’t decide what to have for dinner, Fiedler & Fuchs is always a good idea. They don’t just have traditional Bavarian food, delicious salads and one of the best Kaiserschmarrn in town, you can also eat in a relaxed and hip Bavarian atmosphere! This restaurant is also a good idea for a Sunday brunch and always comes with great service!


Address: Voßstraße 15, 81543 Munich (U2 – Kolumbusplatz)


Fiedler & Fuchs, Best restaurants in Munich


Fiedler & Fuchs, Restaurant


Fiedler & Fuchs, Restaurant, Food


Riva bar

Up for some Italian style? The best Italian restaurant in Munich is the Riva bar at the Münchner Freiheit. The waiters are friendly, funny and always up for a flirt (in a charming way). Additionally, you dine in a great atmosphere and the food is beyond delicious. The pizza comes from a stone oven and if you sit close to the open kitchen, you can see how it is made.


Address: Feilitzschstraße 4, 80802 Munich (U3 – Münchner Freiheit)


Riva, Best Restaurants in Munich


Riva, Open Kitchen


Riva, Pizza


Occam Deli

The Occam Deli is my favorite breakfast spot. The urban style and the great cakes invite to stay. I usually order a lemon limo, bircher müsli, and French toast. But they also have delicious banana bread and avocado toast. If you come in the afternoon, you have to try one of the cakes. They have a big selection. So making a choice can be difficult sometimes, but you won’t regret it anyways!


Address: Feilitzschstraße 15, 80802 Munich (U3 – Münchner Freiheit)


Occam Deli, Cakes, Cafés, Best restaurants in Munich


Occam Deli, Cafés, Munich


Loretta Bar

If you are looking for a bar to hang out after work in a great atmosphere, I can recommend the Loretta Bar. They have a huge selection of cocktails and liqueurs, serve good food and play relaxing music in the background. Plus the waiters are always super friendly. But also in the morning or afternoon, you can’t go wrong with Loretta. And if you plan to party afterward, you can just go to the Beverly Kills bar across the street to enjoy some hip-hop beats. How convenient!


Address: Müllerstraße 50, 80469 Munich (U2 – Sendlinger Tor)


Loretta Bar


Loretta Bar, Drinks



Comfortable couches, smooth live-music and delicious food – Arts’n’Boards gives you what you’re longing for. You can dine in a relaxed atmosphere while you’re listening to new artists and bands and chill in comfy armchairs. The urban spot is decorated with surfboards and murals and brings the summer vibes to you all year-round. While you can sit indoors during the winter, they open their garden space in the summer. That makes it possible to sit outside away from the busy streets.


Address: Belgradstraße 9, 80796 Munich (U2 – Hohenzollernplatz)


ArtnBoards, Best restaurants in Munich


ArtnBoards, Bar


ArtsnBoards, Lounge


Hungriges Herz

Do you love pizza? Then you will love Hungriges Herz. The stylish café serves breakfast, cakes, and pizza in a heart shape. So if you go on a date or if you just want to have delicious breakfast with pancakes, croissants, and smoothies, go to the hungry heart and enjoy one of the best restaurants in Munich!


Address: Fraunhoferstraße 42, 80469 Munich (U2 – Fraunhoferstraße)


Hungriges Herz, Café


Hungriges Herz, Fraunhoferstraße, Best restaurants in Munich


If you have more questions about cafés and dining spots in Munich or about the city itself, feel free to ask and I’ll be glad to help out. Also please comment below if you want to read more of these posts! For inspiration check out my other food guides about the best cafés and bars in Prague, cooking a typical Indian dish and taking a cooking class in Marrakech. Let me know what you think!

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  • April 28, 2018

    I’ve not been to Munich yet, but it’s definitely a city that’s on the list! I love the look of Hoover & Floyd – so small and cosy <3 x

  • April 27, 2018

    I am in love with Cafe’s especially when I travel 🙂 What exactly is a scolloped dish? I have never heard of it but sounds super interesting! Like how all these Cafa’s look btw. Looks like such a chill atmosphere!

  • April 27, 2018

    I like the cosy, small look of Hoover & Floyd! But, honestly, I will stand outside in the rain if it means that I get to eat some tasty cakes or pastries! Sometimes, it’s totally worth it 😉

  • April 27, 2018

    Wow this cafes look great! So many great ones to discover! Will definitely use this as my guide on my next trip – I spend way too much chilling out in cafes when I’m on holiday!
    Great post and images!



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