Surfing has become a great passion of mine. I’m still a beginner and not very good (I’ve just started last year), but this feeling when you catch a wave and you can manage to stay on the board, this feeling is just incredible. So, my boyfriend and I try to surf as much as we can while on vacation. Last year we’ve started in the Algarve followed by San Diego and Hawaii. And this summer we were surfing in Peniche, the surfers’ hotspot of Portugal.

The small peninsula has once been an island but has joined to the mainland now. It’s located an hour from Lisbon and offers lots of beaches for every condition and surfing level. So, it won’t be hard to find a spot where the wind and swell work perfectly.

If you haven’t been to Peniche yet, but you love to surf and want to try out new spots, this guide is for you. Read here, when to go, where the best surf spots are, where to stay, what time to go to catch some good waves and so much more!


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Best time for surfing in Peniche

Due to the soft beach breaks, Peniche is great for surfing all year-round and has lots of sand beaches. That makes the small town so popular among surfers because you can be more flexible and you can surf at any time. It just depends on what level you are to find the best period for surfing in Peniche. While during fall and winter you usually find bigger waves, in the summer months the waves are smaller.

So, if you’re a beginner or intermediate the best time for surfing in Peniche is between April and September. The waves are smaller and friendlier, but less consistent than in the colder months. Also, you can improve your skills so much better with smaller waves. From October to March, you get the biggest swell and best-shaped waves at almost every spot. That’s especially great for advanced surfers.


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Best way to get to Peniche

Peniche is located between Lisbon and Porto. If you fly into Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS), it takes about an hour to get to Peniche by car which is the fastest way. From Porto’s Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (OPO), it is a two-hour drive. Because we got to Lisbon pretty late, we decided to take an Uber. The drive costs between 60 and 70€. If you take a taxi, you will pay more than 100€. Another option is to take the bus. It costs 8-9€ and takes 1.5 hours.

My tip: Make sure to check if your accommodation offers an airport shuttle. That way, you can save some money by using the fastest option.


best way to get to peniche


How to get around

There are lots of surf camps near the beaches where you can stay and rent your boards all in one place. I recommend doing that to have the shortest way to the beach. Because especially for beginners, holding the big foam boards can get exhausting after a while.

Even if you’re not in a surf camp, there are so many surf shops where you can rent the things you need. If you plan to get around Peniche, I suggest renting bikes. It’s always nice to cycle around – especially during the summer months – and busses are not really reliable anyway.

If you travel around by car, then be aware that you might have to look for a parking spot in the summer months. During the rest of the year, you should be fine.


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The best location for surfing around Peniche

It’s not a secret anymore that Peniche is truly a surfer’s paradise. With one of the best beach breaks on earth, it’s a great place to learn how to surf or to get the chance of improving your skills. Plus, the little town has the best conditions: a good variety of surf spots, the consistency of waves and a surf culture you haven’t seen before. Step in and find out now where the best spots for all kinds of levels are.



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For beginners

Between Peniche and the Baleal peninsula, the beach breaks are usually soft and more consistent. Therefore it’s a good start for beginners during the summer months. For example, try out Catinho da Baia, one of the best beginner and intermediate spots in Portugal. It’s not just close to the shore, but the waves are also more protected which makes it easy to surf.

North of Baleal, the Praia Baleal is also a perfect surf spot for beginners. It’s protected as well and has been one of the easiest spots in the Peniche area for us. On the other hand, it can get really crowded – especially when the surf schools arrive. But if you try the waves further to the north like Lagide, you will catch some waves during mid-tide. If the weather is rough at Lagide, the waves are more for experienced surfers then.


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For intermediate and advanced surfers

One of the places we had started was Superubos. My boyfriend and I are advanced beginners, so it was quite a challenge for us. Why? Because at Supertubos the waves move deeply and break in shallow water. We had no idea it was one of the best surf spots for pros. But we figured it out very fast. So if you’re an advanced surfer, this one might be your heaven. Beginners should try the spots mentioned above.

North of Supertubos and just right under the harbor of Peniche, you will find Praia do Molhe Leste. It’s a great spot for both intermediate and advanced surfers. The Consolação beach has also something to offer for both levels, but can be crowded with people bathing there during the high peaks. So, it’s better if you go there off-season to experience the best conditions.


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Best accommodation for surfing around Peniche

Peniche Blue Wave Home

As I already mentioned, summer is the busiest season in Peniche. Not just the beaches get crowded, but also the accommodations. So make sure to book in advance to get the chance to stay in the best hotels or guest houses. One of them is the Peniche Blue Wave Home. Ana runs this little place with her husband and made us feel at home right away. We arrived late in the evening, but they stayed up for us and even made us breakfast the next morning. They also drove us to the Peniche bus station whenever we wanted to do a trip to another city like Lisbon.


Peniche Blue Wave Home


But the kindest thing they did for us was the transportation to our next home in Baleal. We didn’t have a car and apparently, there was no bus going near their place to Baleal. So, Ana and her husband offered to drive us. I can tell you, these two people are so nice and generous that we enjoyed our stay at Peniche Blue Wave home even more.


Peniche Blue Wave Home, Garden


Some facts about the place:

  • 4 comfortable and clean bedrooms
  • Shared bathroom, living room, kitchen, and garden
  • 4 minutes to the beach (super beautiful and almost empty in summer!)
  • Free rides to the Peniche bus station
  • Free bikes
  • Free WLAN
  • Surf shop 3 minutes away


Accommodation, Peniche Blue Wave Home


Next Level Surf Shop



The Thalassophilia is an inconspicuous house in Baleal where mainly surfers get their money’s worth. The house offers several apartments and is just a few steps away from the cliffs from where you have a breathtaking view of the beach. For us, it was the best accommodation on our trip because we could rent surfboards right at the accommodation (the owner Mario is a surf instructor and has a garage full of all kind of boards – surf tips inclusive) and had the Lagide beach right around the corner which was the best beach for us.




Some facts about the place:

  • Beautiful and stylish bedrooms (some with ocean view)
  • Shared bathroom, living room, kitchen, and garden
  • Supermarket just a couple of meters away
  • 2 minutes to the beach
  • Free WLAN
  • Direct board and wetsuit rental


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Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort

The last days of our Peniche surf trip we spent at Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort. It’s a little more inland, so you can’t just walk to the beach, but therefore it’s really beautiful and in pure nature. You literally sleep in treehouses or luxury tents which are beautifully decorated. They also offer surfing and yoga classes, have a hip restaurant and a pool as well as a little skate park. So summarized, you get there everything you need for a wonderful vacation in nature. Still, we are glad we only stayed for two nights because we missed the proximity to the beach a little.


Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort


Some facts about the place:

  • Beautiful tents (not lockable) and treehouses
  • Shared bathroom and outdoor area
  • Surf and yoga classes
  • Restaurant (try the chocolate cake!)
  • Free WLAN close to the reception


Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort, tent


Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort, Pool


Those three accommodations couldn’t have been any better for us to explore the beaches around Peniche. What about you? Have you stayed in any of these hotels or do you have other recommendations? Just let me know in the comments below.

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