Föhr – The Frisian Caribbean

When I was walking at the beach of Föhr, I could see the mudflat stretching along the coast. Birds were looking for their food and I saw people in little cafés drinking hot tea or coffee. Lonely beach chairs stood in the sand. When I sat down and closed my eyes I could hear the seagulls’ mew. The wind blew around my head and a cold, fresh smell was in the air.

I took a deep breath. And while sitting there staring at the mudflat I felt at peace not just with myself, but also in my soul and my mind. I felt untouchable – like I was at a place where no one could ever hurt me. I felt relieved somehow and I knew it had to do with this island.


It is one of the North Frisian Islands at the North Sea of Germany and a popular destination for German tourists. You find there long white beaches, sand dunes, beautiful green nature and Frisian tradition shops. All together makes the second largest island in the North Sea so interesting and wonderful. And the best of all is you can come down after busy days at work. Because Föhr is an island for rehabilitation and to get in your comfort zone again. You wake up satisfied and fully charged and this is what a lot of people don’t know. Instead of getting bored all day, Föhr can make you really feel eased.

That’s why I want to dedicate a blog post to this beautiful island and share with you my favorite spots and things to do on the so called Frisian Caribbean.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, North Sea

Do beach strolls

A wonderful way to discover Föhr are beach strolls along the coast. There is always something to see and it never gets boring – even after the third or fourth day. If you go for a walk every day, it’s also a great exercise in the fresh air and boosts your immune system.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, Beach Strolls

Walk across the mudflats

The best way to see the mudflats is with a guided tour. You will be safe and you learn a lot about high and low tide. When walking across the mudflats alone, be careful since it can be dangerous when high tide is coming. Get all information about a guided tour here: +(49) 175 4607292 or ask on the spot. ​

Relax in a beach chair

While walking along the beach you will find lots of colorful beach chairs that invite you for a little break. It’s the perfect spot to come down and rest for a bit while having the endless sea in front of you.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, Beach Chairs

Enjoy a hot drink in a café

After a long walk or when it starts raining, there is nothing better than having a break in a cozy café at the beach. You can have ice cream in summer or hot rice pudding, cakes and hot drinks during winter. One thing for sure: taking your time to relax in a café refreshes and vitalizes your body and soul.


Rainy or not – AQUAFÖHR is always a good idea. It’s an oasis for those who love swimming in different pools, with or without waves or who want to relax in a jacuzzi. The water center also offers sauna, massages and a fitness area. So AQUAFÖHR is the perfect place for a spa day.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, Beach, Seashells

Visit the Seal Center

Loving animals, loving seals? Then the Seal Center is a must! It was found in 2010 as a nonprofit initiative and wants to help sea mammals who got stranded. You can do tours through the center and get to know more about the protection of the sea mammals.


If you are into watersports, you should try out windsurfing, sailing or kiteboarding. But also stand-up paddling is a trend there. The watersport schools offer classes for both beginner and advanced people. The best addresses are Schapers GmbH, Nieblumer Wassersport Schule and westend surfing.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, Ocean

A paradise for riders

With round about 850 horses with different races, Föhr is a paradise for horse riding. Do trips to the mudflat or through the fields and enjoy the beautiful landscape. You will also find several horse trails, horse pensions and riding schools on Föhr.

Discover the church treasures

On the island you will find some old churches from the 13th century which are still in good condition and definitely worth seeing. You can go inside and discover the beautiful treasures such as the old granite font or the precious winged altar of the “Friesendom” in Nieblum. It also has a landmarked cemetery with beautiful headstones partly from the baroque period.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, Mudflat


How do I get to Föhr?

The island can be reached by ferry from Dagebüll which takes about 50 minutes. In Dagebüll there is a train station so it‘s easy to reach the town from every German city. During summer time I recommend to buy tickets in advance since it can be sold out – especially for those who want to travel by car. It is also possible to fly from Husum, Sylt or Flensburg.

Where can I stay?

There are lots of nice cottages and vacation houses which you can rent. But you can also stay in hotels. Find here a list of the available apartments on Föhr.

Föhr, North Frisian Island, Beach

When is the best travel time to visit Föhr? ​

The best time to go to Föhr is from April to October. While it’s calmer and less touristic in April, May, September and October, it can be quite full during high season from June to August. So if you like it quiet, go to Föhr on the colder months. If you would like to do watersports or hang out at the beach, go during summer time.

What clothes do I need?

No matter if high or low season – it can always rain. So make sure to take waterproof clothes and boots, a thick jacket and tights for women or long shorts for men. The wind can get really heavy, so warm clothes are always necessary. Also bring your beach essentials in case you want to go to AQUAFÖHR or to the beach.

Longing for Föhr now? Then check it out and have an incredible time! And don’t hesitate to contact me for further questions. Verena, Postcards from Vpinterest, föhr, germany, postcards from v

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  • Looks like I would have to wear a wet suit to stand up paddle board. But, the beach looks peaceful and gorgeous. It doesn’t look too crowded, either. My happy place is the ocean, on a boat, dock or shore. This place looks lovely and thank you for sharing with us.

    • You’re very welcome Jenny! Föhr is a little paradise, that’s why I and many Germans spend their holidays there. It’s lovely to walk at the beach everyday and the ocean is also my happy place 🙂

  • I’ve never heard of this destination but it looks so serene! Can’t beat a stroll along the beach, especially at sun up and down. Thanks for this guide!

  • What a serene place to visit! I love your photos. Beach strolls are my absolute favorite, especially in the wee early morning hours. I am going to have to write this down on my bucket list of places to seek out. Thanks for sharing!

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