Everybody did it before: packing for a journey. For some, it is no problem at all, but for others (like me) it is a real challenge. What to wear? How to pack wrinkle-free? What is really necessary?

Questions upon questions. But let me tell you, there are some helpful tips on how to save place in your luggage and how to pack it the right way. And the best: here you get the ultimate packing list for every kind of trip – short or long. And you will see, your luggage will never be too small again. So let’s start!


Packing Guide


1. Collect before pack

It’s just easy: before you put all your stuff in your luggage, spread it out on your bed or on the floor first. Thus, you get an overview of your things and you can see better what is really important for your trip. And maybe there is something you don’t really need.


2. Heavy stuff at the bottom

It’s like Tetris: put heavy things like towels, hairdryer, books, bottles or shoes at the bottom first. Sensitive clothes like pants, dresses, blouses, or shirts find their place on the top. Socks and undies are great to fill little gaps and free corners in your luggage. You can also put socks in your shoes to maintain the shape of them.


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3. Roll instead of fold

Here comes a tip travel fans swear by: roll your blouses, shirts, and pants (and put them at the sides of your luggage). That way, your clothes save space and wrinkle less. Backpackers profit from this technique, because you can put the rolled textiles in a vertical position and just reach into what you need.

Tip: If there is still a wrinkle after packing out, just hang the garment in the bathroom when you shower – through the steam your wrinkles are gone without really doing anything. It works like magic!


4. Stop the flood of plastic

This is not a claim from a non-profit organization. This is a good advice to avoid strong odor. So don’t put shoes or clothes in plastic bags to keep them clean. The best bet are shower caps which you can put over the soles of your shoes. That way, your socks also fit in there and you save space.



5. Combine colors

If you count to the ones who can’t decide what to wear on vacations, I can tell you: you are not alone. The best tip I can give you is to choose three basic colors or similar colors that you can combine. This way, you save space and you always have clothes that fit together.


Packing Tips, Combine Colors


6. Don’t forget your home remedy kit

Vacation means joy, quiet, and relaxation. Thus, many people forget to take their home remedy kit on their trips. So don’t forget the remedies for fever, pain, colds, bug bites, and diarrhea. Both, bug spray and sun blocker, are also a must!


7. Your toiletry bag

Of course, you know to pour your shampoo, shower gel, and laundry detergent in little bottles to save space. But you might also know the problem of click locks. If the content leaks out, you have a big mess. To avoid this mishap there is an ultimate trick: twist off the click lock, put a bit cling film over the opening, and screw the lid on the bottle again. Great hack – and you can go on vacation more relaxed now.


8. Fresh’n’clean

If you travel in tropical countries or for a longer period, it might happen that your clothes start to stink after a while. To avoid this musty smell, you can put thin dryer sheets between your garments. They not just neutralize bad odors, but also refresh your luggage with a light scent.


Packing Tips, Must-Haves


9. The must-haves

Here is a list what you really need for two weeks (don’t forget you can wash on vacation):

  • undies for a week
  • five pairs of socks
  • up to five shirts
  • a sweater
  • raining jacket
  • three shorts
  • pants
  • sunglasses
  • two bikinis/swim trunks
  • a big and a small towel (if you take one made of microfiber, it’s thin and dries fast)
  • a pair of flip-flops and sandals
  • walking shoes or comfy sneakers
  • sun blocker


Make sure your travel documents are valid and you bring your credit card(s), enough cash, and your chargers for your electronic devices with you. Also, check if you need a visa and an adapter for different sockets.

For printing, you can download this checking list here.

Now you are more or less ready for your next adventures! I hope I could help you with my tips and tricks. If you would like to add anything or have any questions, feel free to ask and I will get back to you.

What are your pieces of packing advice?Verena Signature


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  • April 19, 2018

    I am also a big believer in collecting everything a few days before packing as well as rolling items. Great article!

  • April 18, 2018

    This was a great and informative read! I think the thin dryer sheets for hot countries is a great hack. I never thought about that. 🙂

  • April 17, 2018

    This is a great checklist full of tips, especially the first piece of advice. If you see everything you know exactly how you can mix and match outfits and know you haven’t forgotten anything. Great post, thank you for sharing dear.

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline


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