When I drove deeper and deeper in the Czech Republic, I noticed that the lifestyle has changed compared to Germany. Houses were older, buildings were bedraggled and people were barely on the streets. But that was just my first impression because getting closer to Prague, I was fascinated by its beauty.

The Czech capital is called the “City of a Hundred Spires”, based on a count by a mathematician, and is a mix of modernity and tradition. It does not just have the charm of Paris and a history that goes back a millennium, but it also has the best beer in Europe. The beautiful architecture is just one more reason why Prague should be on your bucket list.


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The Golden City with its historic center (which was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1992) is perfect for a weekend trip and offers lots of stunning places. I’ve been there during Easter which was even more beautiful, because of all the food and market stalls located in the city center.

The Czechs decorated the trees with painted eggs and you could have delicious origin Czech food at every corner. Get your inspiration and read here what Prague has to offer (for free!) to make your trip as amazing as mine!


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Things to do in Prague

Charles Bridge

It’s one of the most touristic places in Prague where you hardly get a photo without people. The Charles Bridge owes its name King Charles IV (1316-1378) and was the most important connection between the Prague Castle and the Old Town in the 19th century. This connection was also an important trade route between Eastern and Western Europe. That makes the bridge so historically significant. The best time to visit the bridge is at dusk when the street lights turn on.


Charles Bridge


Prague Castle with the St. Vitus Cathedral

Did you know that the Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world? With an area of almost 70.000 m² (750.000 ft²), it covers a place that is bigger than seven football fields. But not just the castle is worth a visit, you can also go to the St. Vitus Cathedral, one of the most richly endowed cathedrals in central Europe. It’s located within the Prague Castle and stands out with its amazing colorful windows.


Prague Castle


Old Town Square

What the Piazza del Dumo is to Mailand, the Old Town Square is to Prague. It is one of European’s biggest places, where markets open their doors on Christmas and Easter. You also find the Astronomical Clock there, which is located in the Town Hall. It still has the original clockwork (1410) which makes the clock so unique.


Old Town Square


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Wenceslas Square

Busy and historic at the same time: Wenceslas Square is the main city square in Prague. During Easter and Christmas, you find lots of stalls there, but it is also a traditional setting for demonstrations, historical events, and celebrations. It is not spectacular, but during special times such as Easter, it can be definitely worth it to get delicious Hungarian food.



Dancing House

The deconstructive “Dancing House” is the nickname to the Nationale-Nederlanden building which was completed in 1996. One of the architectures originally named the house Fred and Ginger according to the famous dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Nevertheless, the unique architecture is great for taking pictures.


Dancing House


Jewish Museum (not free)

If you have time and want to see a lot of religious artifacts, the Jewish Museum with its four synagogues is a must. Although the lines are very long and the admission is quite expensive, it can be very interesting and worth seeing. Especially the Jewish Cemetery and the drawings from children who stayed in concentration camps are moving.


John Lennon Wall

Once a plain, boring wall, now a piece of art: since 1988 the Lennon Wall has been filled with graffiti and lyrics from the Beatles. Due to the conflicts between young Czechs and the communist regime, students and young people started to write complaints on the wall which led up to a work of art. Today the Lennon Wall is a symbol of love and peace and a perfect background for a photo.


John Lennon Wall


Kampa Island

If you are looking for great views and arts, stroll around Kampa Island. You don’t just discover the John Lennon Wall there, but also the Museum Kampa with modern European art and the beautiful Devil’s Steam. It is a canal where you find the Grand Priory Mill Wheel. Definitely a romantic place for an evening stroll.


Prague, City Guide, Kampa Island


Letná Park

No matter if summer or winter – grab a beer and go to Letná Park. It’s located on a little hill just beside the Prague Castle from where you have one of the best views over Prague. It provides a big open space which is popular for strolls and activities such as running or inline skating.


Hanging Shoes


Letna Park


So those are my recommendations for Prague. It’s a beautiful historic city with lots of places to visit and I hope I could inspire you a little for your next city trip. If you want to know the best food hotspots in Prague, read here my food guide. For accommodations simply use the search box above. It will bring you directly to where you will find awesome hotel deals in Prague.

Have you ever been to the Golden City? I would love to hear what you guys recommend!

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